Designed by in Support of SAFE HQUSE

We have gotten a few messages from Nigerians and other persons inquiring how they can support Safe Hquse the past 2 days.

Here is a list we drew up:

  • Retweet all our content and share with others so they can access our service or DONATE
  • Trend these hashtags by (re)tweeting EndSARS, SARSMUSTEND, QueerNigerianLivesMatter
  • Write articles, short stories, poems, etc about #EndSARS protesting against Police Brutality in Nigeria or if you protested wherever you are. We will publish it on our blog.
  • Design artworks, animations, doodles, infographs, etc and share with us on our social media or email it to us at
  • If you are outside Nigeria, find the nearest #EndSARS protests, attend with #QueeeNigerianLivesMatter or with rainbow flags. Queer Nigerians are being harrassed, beaten and robbed for having any of the such on them at protests. If you have the privilege to do such. AMPLIFY OUR VOICES in Solidarity ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈
  • DONATE ITEMS like whistles, scented candles, skincare, panic alarms, sanitary products, books, raincoats, etc.
  • Give us DISCOUNTED spa treatments, yoga & therapy sessions(if they can be accessed virtually great!) to help our hosted protesters heal.
  • REPORT ACCOUNTS that harass other queer protesters online!
  • Reach other to publications in your country who can interview SAFE HQUSE or its Coordinators. It's important stories of Queer Nigerians involved in the #EndSARS protests are documented.
  • Recommend hotels with great service around known protest locations in your city.

Thank you!

SAFE HQUSE is providing 2 Days Temporary Safe House to Queer #EndSARS protesters in Nigeria. Our Safe House is accessible to Transgender, Non-binary, HIV+ Queer Nigerians during the ongoing #EndSARS protests in Nigeria. Est. 16th October 2020. Fill our to get 2 days Temporary safe house. If you’d like to make financial donations. Email us:



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Safe Hquse is providing RESOURCES: Feeding, Transport, Housing, MediCare etc for Queer #EndSARS Protesters in Nigeria 🇳🇬. Est. 16th October 2020 ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈