SAFE HQUSE Account Report 22.10.20

This report documents our account activities on the 22nd of October 2020.

SAFE HQUSE disbursed a total of N443,500 on Airtime, Transport, Care Packages & MediCare. Continue reading for the full breakdown.

On Transport SAFE HQUSE has spent a total of N18,000:

  • N5k to Queer Woman Stranded
  • N3k (Non-Queer Person)
  • N10k (Non-Queer person) Stranded for Feeding & Transport

On MediCare SAFE HQUSE has spent a total of N27,000:

  • N27k for Hospital Bill Balance for detained Queer Protester

On Reimbursements SAFE HQUSE has spent a total of N75,000:

  • N55k reimbursement Adaeze’s personal money.
  • N20k reimbursement of Coordinator in Anambra state’s expenses on the last protest.

At 2 Locations SAFE HQUSE has spent a total of N40,000:

  • Abuja: N10k for Feeding of Queer woman & N10k for Lodging in a secure hotel.
  • Onitsha: N10k for Feeding & Transport away from an area of shooting at Onitsha & N10k for Lodging in a secure hotel.

On Airtime, SAFE HQUSE has spent a total of N33,500:

  • N8K for Online Protesters
  • N10k for Free Therapy Airtime
  • N2,500 for Coordinator
  • 10k Queer Videographer’s Data
  • 2k Volunteer
  • 1k for Host Coordination Calls

An Update on the 3rd Gunshot Victim, SAFE HQUSE spent a total of N200,000 on her Care Package:

  • Covers surgery, medications, feeding, transportation & airtime.
  • She is a closeted woman who was scared to reach out for help.
  • Balance paid in the evening due to banking issue.

Trigger Warning//An Update on the Sexual Assault Survivor SAFE HQUSE spent a total of N50,000:

  • 30k to pay for 4 days stay at a hotel.
  • 20k to feed for 4 days.
  • He is getting better and can now walk a little easier.

Although our safe house is in Lagos. Queer Protesters can DM us on Twitter or Instagram or Email us for tokens to get safe lodgings in whatever Nigerian state they are protesting.

Our Temporary Safe House gives only 2 days slots.


We really can’t thank you enough for donating. You’re literally saving lives!
If you’d like to donate, Email us at

Remember, #QueerNigerianLivesMatter

Signed, SAFE HQUSE Team.

Safe Hquse is providing RESOURCES: Feeding, Transport, Housing, MediCare etc for Queer #EndSARS Protesters in Nigeria 🇳🇬. Est. 16th October 2020 ✊🏾🏳️‍🌈